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  1. You write: "Because of the way joint stereo works, it requires less bits to produce a certain quality level than standard stereo does." What happens when you choose for the "Joint" encoder setting? Or the quality remains the same but the file size decreases, or the file size remains the same and the quality is increased. Can you give an URL where this is explained in more detail? Can you take action, so that this gets in the help pages? Do you have the paying versions? Which version? Perhaps you also know what "Force" means. The sentence about it in the help page clarifies n
  2. Leyn

    what does rip mean?

    Ripping makes a copy of the tracks, often with loss of information. What is meant by ripping is that you are stealing the copyrights. In Belgium you are allowed to posses one copy of a copyrighted work like a audio CD. E.g. 1:you buy a audio CD. you are allowed to make one verbatim copy on a writable CD (for example for your weekend home). You are also allowed to rip the cda tracks to for example mp3, download them on your mp3 player, and listen to them. E.g. 2: you rent an audio CD from a media library. You are not allowed to make a verbatim copy because the original belongs to t
  3. Dear, I press the button "setting" in Express Rip. There, I take "custom" and set the string to {%n2 - %t} Express Rip handles this wrongly. E.g. track 01 with name "Temp pour nous" is written out as "01 . Temp pour nous.aac". Instead of a hyphen, a point is written out. This is a bug. In fact, the point is written out by default, the specified hyphen is simply ignored. If you rip a CD it would be better to write in the "Extract CD Track(s)" window Loading "Perles de pluie" instead of Loading Perles de pluie. I tried the album "Jardin Secret" of "Axelle Red". Thi
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