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Hearing the track I'm recording on through headphones while listening to the other tracks recorded


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 I record my Rhythm on track#1, when I try to record Bass on track #2 with headphones on, I can hear track #1, but can't hear my Bass on track #2. It will record the Bass, but I need to hear what I'm playing. I can plug into my Digidesign 003 Rack and listen to track #1 through the speakers, but still can't hear the bass when recording. This is very frustrating when trying to add other instruments and vocals. I never had this problem with Pro Tools. When my wife adds vocals, with headphones on, she can hear all the music but not her vocals.. About ready to quit

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On the Track Controls panel (left side), click the 'headphones' button next to the FX button to monitor the recording on that track.

However, it is only available for ASIO-compatible devices.

I hope that helps. 

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