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Express Scribe - Problem with playing .DS2 from Philips


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Dear Community

I am having troubles with playing dictations in the DS2 format coming from Philips hardware. While listening to the file there seems to be a lot of parts missing. Instead there is a short scratching / hissing sound.

The problem also still occurs after I use the Switch Audio Converter to convert the file to another format like DS1, WAV or mp3.

The source file is not broken. I checked with the original Philips Software and had no troubles while listening. I am using the newest Version of Express Scribe.

Do you have any idea why the problem occurs and what could be a solution?


Thank you and regards


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DS2 files are a proprietary format created when the Olympus DS-2400 is used to make dictations. After the dictation is created, the format can be converted to DSS or WAV format using the Olympus Standard software included with the DS-2400, which means you will have to request that the person creating dictations converts the files before sending them to you.

Try using DSS files in Express Scribe.

To convert files from the Olympus Standard player, have the user select the dictation(s) in the list, go to the File menu, select "Convert Dictation" and then click the Convert button.

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2 hours ago, Scumpo said:

Thanks for your reply n1x1. 

The hardware used for dictation is not from Olympus but from Philips. But I guess your Solution stays the same?

Regardless of the file's origin, you may convert the file format into something supported by using an audio converter such as Switch

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