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Voxal Kills Mic on Windows 11


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I have used Voxal for quite some time on multiple machines. I just purchased a new laptop that has Windows 11 on it. I installed Voxal and noticed that none of my microphones, including the internal one, function at all. I did numerous troubleshooting steps and finally reset Windows completely, thinking that maybe it was just some Windows issue. After doing that, my microphone worked. But then I installed Voxal, and it stopped working. Immediately after uninstalling Voxal, it started working again.

To test this, I can go to Sound Recorder and do a test recording (works), install Voxal (and nothing in Voxal works), and then Sound Recorder won't work; I uninstall Voxal, and Sound Recorder works again. I don't see that Voxal is installing any drivers in Device Manager, so what exactly IS it installing that would be causing any mic to quit functioning and for it to not work at all itself? The Voxal site says it is compatible with Windows 11, so I'm not sure what to do. Thank you for any help you can give!

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I'm glad it isn't just me, but I'm sorry it is happening to you. I ended up needing to return the computer in question that had Windows 11 on it. I then bought a new computer with Windows 11 on it a few months ago, and sure enough, Voxal killed the microphone on that one too. 

I opened a ticket with NCH Software, and they had me run some tests, but that was back in March, and I never heard any resolution (and clearly it didn't get fixed, since my new computer this fall had the same issue). 

There must be something else to this, as if everyone on Windows 11 was having this issue, I'd think the company would be hearing more about it.

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Well, I'm not using any version, because it kills the microphone completely for all applications. I was using the latest version available on the website; I bought the computer, went to the NCH website, and downloaded directly. 

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