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Simple text does not appear when I export video in letterbox widescreen fit


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This is the first time I've run into this issue and I can't seem to fix it: My simple text overlay does not appear once my video is exported to a video file. I have two video tracks and an audio track... the second video track is for my simple text overlay. Everything looks good until I export the video... then my simple text does not appear when I watch the exported video. When exporting the video, I have three options for widescreen fit: Letterbox, crop & zoom, or stretch. I've troubleshooted and figured out that when I export using crop & zoom AND stretch, the simple text appears in the exported video... but NOT when I use letterbox - which is the fit I need for this particular video. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any thoughts as to why it won't appear when in letterbox? 


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Export choices are limited to just one of the three.  Crop & Zoom OR Stretch, for example ... unless one of those choices has been previously applied.

Please share your project, someone will check it our and come up with an answer.  The process isn't difficult and takes but a few minutes.  Just follow these steps...

  •     Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left.  Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER.  Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER.
  •     Upload ---  Use a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.* - to upload the saved, numbered FOLDER.    Do NOT upload the individual VPJ or export file. 
  •     Get link --- Get a public link.  If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. If necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with the link can view" 
  •     Share ---     Click COPY LINK | DONE.  Paste that link here, or click the folder at the top-right of this forum to message it privately to me.  It won't be shared.

          *    Before uploading, right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES.  Look at the File Size to confirm that it's not too big for the free space on the server.

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