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Auto Scrolling , still no way to turn it off completely??


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I see a couple of forum posts about this from many years ago, but still no fix. Every single DAW and audio editor I have ever used has an option to turn off automatic scrolling. I see there was an adjustment so that it wont scroll if an entire selection is within playview, but this doesnt help me. Lets say you edit lengthy clips, say 1 hour of audio. And if you want to make a large selection but you want to see where the beat kicks in or a melody starts so you can adjust the selection it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE. This is most of what I do with an audio editor, it seems so crazy that such a great and easy to use program that is absolutely loaded with all the functions you could possibly need EXCEPT the one thing that a lot of people use the most?? Am I missing something? I see there are still updates to the software being made, and if any technical support reads this please please please for the love of jebus can you help us out and add this feature in? Just a simple "STOP SCROLLING" would make the whole work flow doable. Otherwise the program is utterly useless. but not to sound ungrateful, maybe something like this is just astronomically difficult to do, if i knew how to program code I would totally help yall out for free. otherwise thanks for really trying to offer such a great tool <3

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