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Corrupted recording in


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I am on  a PC with Windows 10 and 350GB free space

I was recording the screen  using Debut (licensed of course) for 1.5 hours. When done,  I pressed the "stop recording" button.

It usually takes a few minutes for the recorded file to be saved in the Destination folder. But this time it took a lot longer and I got the message "Debut not responding... blah blah" So I killed the process.

There is an output file (9GB which about right) in the destination folder but I can't play with VLC. No error, just sits there. Tried all the recommended methods to repair the file with VLC no success.

Any idea how to repair the file? Or find the temporary file which  (I assume) Debut uses while recording? Or my precious recording is lost for good? :(

Any suggestion/help will be appreciated.

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