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Hi...I've just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S6Lte with the Samsung Galaxy S7...a newer and more powerful device. I transferred my 300+ cdo files onto the new device and none of them now open; Crescendo doesn't even show them in the file-open menu. However, the device's file manager shows that they are indeed present. I'm hoping that someone can suggest a solution; this was my lockdown project and I carry these files around with me when I'm gigging....JohnD

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Hi Everyone...the issue is that Crescendo stores its saved files in a NCH folder in the root Android folder and this doesn't show up on the stock file manager. I'd created my cdo files on a laptop and transferred these to the S7 tablet when I sold both my laptop and S6Lte tablet and Crescendo couldn't find them in the location where I put them. What I had to do was to download a file manager which both allowed root access and the ability to copy/paste into that folder...it wasn't necessary to root my S7 device, at least not in my experience. When I  copied the cdo files to the root NCH folder, they became visible to Crescendo again and I could open and edit them as normal....Great relief!

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