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HELP!! Using Stenograph's Case CATalyst cannot get the VEC Infinity-3 Foot Pedal to work on Parallel's running Win 11


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I desperately need help getting my VEC Infinity-3 foot pedal to work with my software Stenograph's Case CATalyst for court reporting.  I have the new MacBook M1 Chip, with Parallels running Windows 11.  Stenograph uses audio sync software and Pedable.  Can anyone please reach out to me

Thank you in advance for any help or information!!

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If you are referring to "Pedable Foot Pedal Software" by NCH Software, you may want to know that the software is not available for Windows 11 since it has not been under development since 2016. It will only work on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7. Note that "Stenograph's Case CATalyst" is not developed by NCH, so you will have to contact the correct support team for assistance. This forum is for NCH Software only.

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