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Can I use 64-bit VSTs with Crescendo?


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Dear Anyone.

Couldn't see if Crescendo's 32 or 64 bit anywhere, which worried me!  I've got a pile of 64-bit VSTs - Kontakt, Alchemy, Omnisphere and others - I'd love to use with it but I can't see how to add 3rd-party VSTs to it - and you gotta admit the built-in sounds are - er - not exactly brilliant!

Please, could someone tell me if it IS possible to use 64-bit VSTs with it and, if so, where do I put them and how do I choose them when they're in place? I can't see aVSTs menu ANYWHERE!  Feel free to rub my nose in the obvious if I've missed something stoopid - I miss the obvious on software all the time.

Yours hopefully


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Dear Colorist48.

Here U go - Kontakt as a .DLL.  In fact - Kontakt as a complete standalone! You just use the .DLL as the plugin, in your plugins folder.  Any problems doing that, just ask.

Password is Softprober. 



Yours respectfully


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