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  1. Hi! There's a workaround. Drag-drop all the mini-files into another program, cut off all the little flat ends to pull all the bits together then export audio as (that's what the command's called in the FILE list) MP3. Hope this helps! Chris.
  2. Jimmy - sorry - gotta have at least 512 meg. And your RAM being so small tells me your processor's pretty old too - modern motherboards all come with at least 512 meg - so it prob. isn't fast enough to handle the program either. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Chris.
  3. Dear Anyone. So I've got a wave file of guitar and another one of synth strings. I want to hear how they sound together, so I know which effects to add to which. I might have a few more sound files of different instruments, too. But Wave Pad seems to only want to play one file at a time, even though they're all in there together, one underneath the other. How do you make Wave Pad play them all at once? Yours puzzledly - I KNOW this question's dumbass, just can't spot the answer! - ulrichburke
  4. [Dear Bassplayer. What soundcard are you using? And I know this will sound dumbass, and you've prob. tried it anyway - but uninstall Wavepad, do a registry clean and reinstall it. Sometimes that brings about a miraculous cure! If that doesn't work, you could try the volume settings under Start/All Programs/Accessories/ Entertainment and see if Windows has turned any of them down. I'm no real expert, but I suggest this because I've discovered that Windows Media Player turns the internal wavetable synth off after playing a MIDI file. If WMP can do that, perhaps there's something simila
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