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MP3 Bitrate?


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I recorded some music on my phone and edited it on WP. The file was MP3. 

When I went to Save it, got message '...attempting to use a low quality setting  128..." Indicating that it was a poor"  compression rate. I thought that MP3 was already compressed so I don't understand this at all. it suggested at least 192.  So, in my ignorance I noted that there was a highest rate of 320 and tried that. Why couldn't I just save it at the rate my phone used?

I DO want the highest audio quality IO can get so would appreciate a little education on this.

Thank you

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The recording on your phone might have been a with a low bitrate that is why the program is informing you about it. 

I believe that message is not an error but just a heads up message and you should be able to save it regardless of the bitrate.

Let us know if you need further assistance regarding this.

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