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How Inventoria and Express Invoice work together?


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Dear experts, either i am not using this software properly or this software have a design issue.

I set  Inventoria and Express Invoice to sync together, assume i have one item in stock, when i create an order in Inventoria i can't see that order in Express Invoice to invoice it, how can i create an invoice for that order?

I did it the other way , i created an invoice in Express Invoice, when i record the order i see item got taken out from Inventoria but there us no record for the sale, when i generate a sale report in Inventoria its showing no sales. in such scenario how can i tell the cost and the profit i made for this item.

I spent hour trying to get this work without success.

Can you please help?

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Please be informed that using Inventoria as the server program, you can update Inventoria's inventory levels from Express Invoice, so that is the only thing you can sync, inventory levels, no other data will be synced.

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