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Need Basic PicoPDF user instructions/tutorial


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I agree.  Going to HELP for Delete says it deletes selected things.  I kinda figured that out, but how do I select items.  I do not want to do one item at a time when I have 50 or so items to delete.  How do I select multiple items?  I am glad to read a manual as long as you have one somewhere.  Also, the shortcut key for delete is supposedly the DELETE key, but it does not work for me.  I have to use the Edit menu Delete option and that works.  It is a lot of extra keystrokes selecting each item and selecting the edit menu and selecting the delete option, instead of selecting an item and pressing the delete key.  On the other hand your program does allow me to select and delete more items than other PDF editing programs I have tried, so if you can give me some better help, either a manual or tutorials, I will certainly consider purchasing the program.  I have another one of your programs, PRISM, and am happy with that and why I looked at this program when I first saw it.  Thank you.

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