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Hello, my husband and I both have licenses for DEBUT VIDEO software version 6.47 (purchased last september 2021).

I will be upgrading both PCs in the near future to WINDOWS 10.  I know I need to deactivate the software on both PCs, and then re-install and activate the licenses on the new WINDOWS 10 PCs.

I have a couple of questions:  #1. I will be doing this process one at a time.  I have the registration codes, but they are both under my name.  I do not know which was installed on my PC, and which was installed on my husband's PC.  So, I want to be sure I deactivate the correct registration code for each PC.  #2.  What are the steps to de-activate the registration code on the current (Windows 7) PC, and then do I just re-install on the new PC and enter the registration code that was just de-activated?

I know these sound like fairly simple questions, but I also know we are only allowed to re-install on a different PC every year, and I do not want to mess up and find out I cannot correct because a mistake was made during the process.  Thanks so much!



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Unfortunately there is no option to check which registration code is used on which device.

You will have to do it via trial and error. Register one of the new PC and use either registration code.

Observe the older computers and see which one prompts you to enter the registration code indicating it was the one used on the new PC. You may then uninstall the program on that old PC and repeat the steps on the other one.

I hope that helps.

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