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Repeat an animation


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Hello Fellow Animator,

Yes you can repeat specific keys or a group of keys. It's not a built in function where you set the number of times you want the key(s) to repeat. But you can use the basic tools within Animate Express to perform the same task. As an example: You want to create a set of moves for an object that also include opacity changes, some rotation, and scale changes. And you want to repeat this 2 more times. You will be working exclusively in the Composition Panel's time line to do this.

First set the time line to the point you want the object to start the first repeat. Now go and highlight all the actions you want repeated by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a box around the dots(key frames) on the timeline that represent the actions you want repeated. They should turn a yellow color, or a shade of yellow. Now go and click on the copy button in the home tab, you have just copied all the moves. Now when you click paste, it will start at the location on the time line that you have set and it will paste in the copied moves. To add another copy of the moves, just move the timeline to where you want to start repeating the moves again and just click on the paste button again. 

It would be a good idea to just make a test object to get the hang of it. You are just using the copy function, moving the timeline, and then the paste function. You know when you have copied all you wanted when the dots change color from black to a yellowish color. Just make sure you have set the duration of the composition to a length that will allow enough room for all the repeats.

Happy Animating.

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