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Just started using PhotoPad but I can't find a way to increase the canvas size.

I am using PhotoPad to create spherical panographs but I need to final canvas to be a certain size. Example is the original panograph is 10000p x 3750p. I want the final size to be 10000p x 5000p but I don't want to resize the actual photo, just add a 1250p blank area above the photo. Most to the time this is just sky so it is easy to fill that in with fake sky.

So, what's the trick to increase the canvas size without needing to resize the photo? Thanks!

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Open PhotoPad > Open your picture > click Menu > File > New > set the canvas size you need > click OK > at the bottom, you should see your two projects, the picture you loaded and the blank project > go back to the picture project > select it (Ctrl A) to select all > hit Ctrl C to copy > go to the blank project > Ctrl V to paste > click and drag the image to the position you need.

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