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Audio/video are sync issues


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I just want to tell you NCH people that having the audio and video go out of sync - without unlinking them - and being unable to sync them back is the reason I am not buying Videopad. You should figure out what is going on and make an easy way to fix it. Like if the whole project needs to recalibrate itself so the audio and video are synchronized again as they were when the clip was imported, make a huge red button that says "RECALIBRATE" in the upper right, then mouse hover would say "IF YOUR VIDEO AND AUDIO HAVE GONE OUT OF SYNC CLICK THIS BUTTON."

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You tacked onto a three-year old thread, so a new one was begun.  This is a user forum;  folks just like you helping others.  Peer support.

There have been sporadic sync problems, caused by several different issues.  Some were due to the files themselves..

Sharing your file, with specifics on what it is doing, can help track this down.    If it's verified as a VP bug it will be fixed.

Simply upload the file/s to a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, get a shared (public) link, copy the link and paste it here or to me in a Private Message via the mail envelope in the top-right corner of this forum.   Using Google Drive, if necessary change "restricted" to "anyone with link can view."

Good luck!

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