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Data missing after last update


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Hi, I might be stupid... I recently updated to the latest version of EI, due to the new Mac OS update... it seems I have lost all of my 2020 invoices. I have been able to find all the .dat files for 2020in the library, but don't know how to restore/import them. Is this something simple enough to do?



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ExpressInvoice-Mac stores its files in: Macintosh HD/Users/<the user>/Library/Application Support/ExpressInvoice/Shared. (Macintosh HD/User/<the user> is also the folder that appears in Finder as the user name.) -- The Library folder is hidden - to make it visible, open the user folder in finder, then View->Show View Options, and select Show Library Folder. If you can find where the old files are located (the data is a bunch of folders containing .dat files), merely copying them into the current EI save folder should do the trick.   

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Have you made a backup file? If yes, you can restore your data. 

Also, given that the data is stored locally on your computer you can check on the following location: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice

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