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Problems registering my purchase of the Express Burn app

Jack R, Freels

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The app is paid for, (11-13-20) but when a prompt appeared asking me to register it, I ignored it.  I thought all that was good for was filling up my email with spam, I didn't know it was required.   So Express Burn does NOT have my email to send any registration codes to.  Every 2 weeks I have to uninstall, then reinstall the software to make it work as if I was using the trial, unpaid version.  If I go to the Microsoft Store and punch in Express Burn it says "You own this app."  I would like to fix this problem.  I need to get those codes.   

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Since you bought the license from Microsoft Store, there is no need to register the program. You just have to install the specific version from the Microsoft Store app.

Please uninstall the current version of Express Burn on your computer. Go to the Microsoft Store app and search for Express Burn. Download and install the program on your computer and it should be automatically registered.


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