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Writing song Titles on CD


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Good day.  I am using Express Burn (free) on Windows 10 Home.  After experimenting with the Free version, I need some help.  If the answer to my problem is purchasing the software, that is not a problem  The software does  many things that are very helpful in creating some music CDs.  However, the end result of creating a CD is that  the index of the Cd shows Track 1, Track 2, etc. instead of showing the song Title.  The titles are shown in the list of files to be written, so they are available to the software.  Is there a way to get the song Titles to be written on the CD so that when the CD is installed in a computer, the titles will show instead of the track numbers?  Thank you for any assistance with this.

Dan Wilson...

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I am having this problem too!  I have reinstalled Express Burn (free) as suggested, but the problem remains the same.  I have enabled CD-TEXT as well as burning to a Session-at-once and a 2 sec gap between tracks.

I am using Win10 64 bit version 21H1 on an HP Pavilion with a HP DVD-RAM GHC0N.

I am not sure where to find the hidden "lead-in" data.

Any further suggestions?

Bill Hague


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Note that some players do not support track artist, but support album artist. If no album artist is provided, it will display blank. If album artist is provided, it will display album artist instead for tracks. Did you test it on different media players or CD players to see if it works? In case you still have issues, you may want to burn the discs at a lower speed.

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