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Same Data for Multiple Users


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I've been testing by my own the trial version and making workarounds to adapt it to my business, I'm ready to get the full license and actually to hire an additional person to help me with the quotation process, but... Should I get two licenceses? how can i sincronize both? It's supposed we will be working on separate computers but customers can reach any of both and we should be able to view and edit the previous quote the other made and send it to the customer.

A friend of mine who refered to me this software told me, they use a remote desk (alike teamviewer) to do so but I'd like to get a better interface cause sometimes the remote desks tend to be somehow slow... thanks for advising!


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All NCH software licenses are single-user licenses. This means that the license can be used only on one computer/user profile. The license can be transferred to another computer, but if you want to use the program on multiple computers you will need to have separate licenses. 

The other option would be to use the Web Access feature which allows the program to be accessible to multiple users on different locations. You can check the video tutorial from the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_zbDJwW5WU&t=8s

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