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Debut recordings audio/video out of sync when opening in videopad


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I have a similar situation. I only record something like zoom or a streaming video from chrome browser. Not using a camera on my machine or anything else.  Recently rebooted, no other apps than chrome and debut opened on win 10 pro 64 bit. 

When playing back the recording, audio starts in synch with video, but by the end of 1 hour recording, the are out of synch by 1/2 second or so.  I tried in windows media player and VLC for playback.

It's not an issue with the playback app though, right? It's an issue with the file itself?

What is a better machine?   I found this page about recommended hardware, but not applicable to recording from the screen?


I've had this issue with 2 different machines - both Dell optiplex. both with 8GB RAM, SSD drive.  1 has an i5 processor and the other has an i3-2120. 

The debut info page talks of requirements being win xp or newer!? 


So the machines that have XP are much lower powered than these 2.  Is it really a processor / ram issue with an i5 and 8GB RAM?  Seems weird that the page says XP but doesn't say i7, 16GB ram if that's needed (and XP wouldn't even be able to use 16GB RAM)

Are there things other than get a new machine help?

Record a smaller part of screen?

Record settings other than the default settings? But I really don't want to lose frame rate or audio bandwidth.  Are there other settings that are better on an older machine?

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