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  1. I have send bud report several time and contacted technical support a few time but not any response , thank you
  2. This is a new mother board ASUS ROGER ZENITH only a few month old , I tried to update audio driver , but win 10 did not update driver the best driver installed from Dec/2019. only way is manually remove and manually installing new audio driver , if you got the right version , some time it get worse , did not work , and you can't go back your original audio version driver , so I can live with this for now , I reported problem to debutt support several time , but I got only one email from last year told me upload some window files that I could not find in my window to webside but the wedside never let me uploaded . Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi DannR . thank you very much for your helps , I followed you instructions , but not worked no sound out put , I have 5 screen shot for debutt audio setting , I could not the way to up load the show you can see , but the last tried I selected audio option as microphone , because digital audio graphic showed up , instead speaker , I have tried selected speaker so many time audio never come as well changed Stereo Mix default selected , after I selected audio from microphone and then UNPLUGED the microphone , so the sound did not get the the micro phone recorded. So only the sound from pc were recorded. It worked around that way , the sound is ok better than not thing I have tried from day 1 installed , Bottom line is Debutt 6.6 and 7.31 got audio buds at audio selection option between SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE , Once again Thank you very much DannR and Debutt support team . hopefully They 'll fix soon .
  4. Have someone had Debutt 7.31 with same audio problems ? Please ! share your experience , Thank you
  5. Software got bud , audio setting I selected microphone , debutt recorded audio sound from my microphone good , but not from speaker option . some thing software did not communicated speaker sound , there are only 2 options .
  6. Hi chris , I followed your instruction removal Debutt old version 6.6 and upgrade 7.3 version off my PC and downloaded installed full version debutt 7.31 from NCH webside . But no luck , still the same problem no audio record from youtube only video . Audio out from my pc speaker were good no problem , but when record debutt did not show any audio graphic during record , Debutt audio setting is simple only a few option I have tried for years . Any Helps will be appreciated
  7. I recently upgraded to debut 7.31 version . But the same No audio recorded ...
  8. Please! I need some one helps , I purchased new version Debut 6.6 installed new pc , win 10 , my audio is good from speaker , but Debut never capture single sound from day 1. and whatever audio setting is not luck at all . I have contacted Tech , he told me send some files from my pc but I could not find the files name . I have two older debut verson worked on other old pc , but not for new one , Please some one tell me how to fix this , Thank very much in advance .
  9. You may try better PC , Old mother board pc has less channel for audio flow , I edited video with another program, I had the same problem , replacing pc component RAM , CPU ect . otherwise no way to fix ... Good luck
  10. Hi, Thank you very much for quick responding , I have tried all option above but no any single luck No audio out put from video , before I record video I can see audio graphic db signal show up on debut audio small window , I uninstalled debut software and components , reload debut 6.6 and selected Audio checked Speaker MMdevice . But still no audio , Please helps debut bug . Thank you
  11. Hi, I recently purchased Debut video capture 6.6 , on my win 10 pro , I recorded video on you tube , but audio , I tried setting audio but not any single luck , This is new build pc and win 10 pro , I also have two older pc win 8.1 with very old debut 2.4 version worked very ok audio and video recorded good , and other old pc win 10 and Debut 6.3 audio worked good too. I have tried all the Audio setting but not luck , I also contacted Debut Tech support , They gave me server name and password to up load video files , I tried all day could not log in , no way to contact Debut tech by email . Please, Some one has same audio problem on Debut 6.6 , I need your helps , Thank you in advance
  12. Hi , 5 stars supper fast responding , Thank you very much for your helps , I've got the audio file saved , Thanks again
  13. Hi , Please , some one tell me How to save the audio in videopad editor as wave file in difference folder ? Thank you in advance . I down load video on you tub , it is unlock from video , It is only save as wave file in videopad editor , could not save the copy file in document folder or else ,
  14. Hi , Thank you very much for your helps , I upgraded to 4.4 better now , One again thank you very much
  15. Hi, Thank you very much for your quick responding . No , I have not try 4.4 version yet . I have version 4.31 . I will try update If it may be better , Once again than you very much.
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