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Terri Davis

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I purchased a pro edition years ago.  I received a message this morning that there was an update available.  I backed up my old version and then downloaded the new version.  When I opened the new software, I noticed that it was unlicensed and that it was not for business use.  Does this mean I have to purchase a new license?  I will switch out to my original express scribe if that is the case, but if there is an easy way to keep my original license, then that's the way I'll go.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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This happened to me, also today.  All of a sudden this morning I had some problems.  A pop-up to download to fix the bugs.  It asked me if I wanted to install it over my version and I said yes.  I did and now it's not licensed and I need the pro version.  I have had to pay for the pro version about 4 times in the last couple of years because of my computer crashing twice, using it at my court computer and other reasons.  I am now retired and finishing up a 1900 page appeal that is due next week and now I can't use my software without paying yet again.  Can't I just roll it back?  There are no instructions on how to do that.  This is very, very frustrating and at the most horrible time.

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