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Sharing finished project.


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Sometime ago in an earlier post it was mentioned that there is a place to post finished projects for others to see and comment on. I would like to go there but can not find it. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Regards Dave

PS oops I'm in the wrong forum. Going to repost in VP

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Hi @Kim 1318

In the VideoPad forum there is a sticky for a page where users have been invited to post their work. it Is here http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25970-videopad-show-and-tell/

Quotation from the opening of the sticky thread.

"Greetings VideoPad users,

We are opening up this thread for users who want to share their best VideoPad creations. If you have a VideoPad project that you would be willing to share with everyone, you may post it here for all to see. It could even be featured on our social channels and possibly our website. You can post the link to your video or embed it in this thread. If you want to submit a project to us directly, you can use this dropbox link: 

VideoPad Show and Tell DropBox

Thank you! 

-NCH Software Marketing Department-" 

Regards Dave

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