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  1. Thanks @borate I was on 8.84 until it crashed and in reporting the crash was offered 8.91 and then 2. I will go back. Regards Dave
  2. Hi people Using 8.92 version of Videopad yesterday 17-10-20 and I noticed that the Hide Track on Output button was working incorrectly. When the red cross was present the track was visible and when the cross was missing the track was invisible. This morning things are working correctly. Anyone else noticed this? Regards Dave
  3. Thanks. I will do that. Regards dave
  4. Thank you @borate I already have the pdf help file on my PC. I have just reperformed the following searches "disable", "grid", "animation" and "animation grid", which I did before opening this post. I have also reread the effect masking section. I found no mention that a snap to grid exists nor how to turn it off, and as an aside no mention that it is critically important not to add or delete node points when using the effects animation editor. Please do not think that I am completely dissatisfied with VP, I am not. It does all and more than I could want at the moment, and the help I have received through this forum and directly from VP technicians has been the best. Regards Dave
  5. Thank you @Nationalsolo and @borate I did look for this information in the help section but could not find it. This is only a minor complaint but I find the instructions to this software reminiscent of the early computer/software instructions which told you what the machine/software would do but little help as to how to do it. Always got the impression that the writers expected the users to be as clued up as they where, not some struggling bricklayer like me. Regards Dave
  6. hi @borate "Does "imported FX sequences not playing properly" refer to your 'flying man' landing displaying black on export? Yes, that has been fixed. " Yes that is what I mean. Thanks for the info. Sorry my mistake in not making myself clear. The grid I want to disable is in the effects animation editor. As I said above when moving multiple node points to follow a complex curve i.e. a person running the grid stops accurate positioning of the nodes. Regards Dave
  7. Hi @borate I am still using 6.31 as later versions have the bug that stops imported FX sequences playing properly in the exported version. Do you know if this has been fixed yet? I use the caps key to disable the snap to grid because Ilearned of it in a forum post but for the life of me can not find it again, but it does work. Regards Dave
  8. Hi all Quick question and I suspect the answer is no. Is it possible to toggle off/disable the snap to grid other than pressing the Caps key? When forming a FX polygon around a moving complex shape i.e. me running across the screen, the snap to grid just gets in the way of accurately positioning the node points. Regards Dave
  9. Hi @Nationalsolo I followed your advice and managed to export the whole project. I still do not know why the project stopped exporting correctly, though I do suspect that my old man's PC is not up to the job. Thanks for you help. Regards Dave
  10. Hi @Nationalsolo I answer to your first question "export it as a standalone clip?" I exported the whole VP project. I do this because as the project grew my PC is unable to keep up with the software, so as a work around I export the project to see how my edits are going. It's slow but it works. For my next project I will work with smaller files and then arrange them together at the end. Regards Dave
  11. Exported File https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LSaibp9wYFr2cfazw6jvRO0wO3lnjf7X?usp=sharing VP Backup file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WDSeLPIoppeOAO5pRGfe6oxO3XiOs33T/view?usp=sharing Hi all I am using VP version 8.63 and windows 10. I am unable to use later versions of VP as they do not export imported FX clips correctly. MY drivers are up to date as are all Microsoft updates. When I export the project it does not export the whole file and some of the FX clips stop working. It did export properly up to the point when I imported an audio file to play over the spinning earth at the start of the project. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Dave
  12. Hi Kim Is this just for NCH people to see or everyone as I would like to see what other people are doing?
  13. Hi @Kim 1318 In the VideoPad forum there is a sticky for a page where users have been invited to post their work. it Is here http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25970-videopad-show-and-tell/ Quotation from the opening of the sticky thread. "Greetings VideoPad users, We are opening up this thread for users who want to share their best VideoPad creations. If you have a VideoPad project that you would be willing to share with everyone, you may post it here for all to see. It could even be featured on our social channels and possibly our website. You can post the link to your video or embed it in this thread. If you want to submit a project to us directly, you can use this dropbox link: VideoPad Show and Tell DropBox Thank you! -NCH Software Marketing Department-" Regards Dave
  14. Hi @NationalsoloThank you. Regards Dave
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