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Speed/pitch change issues

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The intent here is to pitch correct an A/V mp4 file that has been sped up by 10%.

The file is UNlinked from audio in Videopad.  Video speed is increased to 110% resulting in a length of 6.43.584.

The audio track is saved as a WAV and speed is increased to 110% in Wavepad (no pitch change), resulting in a length of 6.43.015.

The original audio track in VP is then replaced by the WP sped-up file.

 A/V preview is out of sync.  Why?  The sped-up WAV should be a direct replacement, in sync with the video.


Alternatively, A/V speed is increased in Videopad (keep pitch unchanged box is UNchecked), then split out as above.

Pitch change is applied in Wavepad (no speed change).  When the two are mated in VP, again they are out of sync.


According to HELP, speed change doesn't change pitch and pitch change doesn't change speed.  The results above seem to contradict that.

HELP for WP lists a "pitch shifter effect."  But no effect by that name can be found.

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