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Animating a 45 and a 90 deg turn of a rectangle.

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Hullo. Been playing with rotating a rectangle along a path as it moves. Think of a car on a roadway. View from overhead. Any tips on positioning the rotation keys relative to position keys to make for smoother turns of 45 degrees and 90 degrees? Have moved anchor to approx location of front wheels and that has helped. Using rectangle as building block.

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Seems to me, if I got the question correct, you want a birds-eye view of simulating a car going down a street and make 45 degree turns and 90 degree turns. I would position the rotation key at the rear of the rectangle, not the front. In real cars the front tires direct the car about the rear wheels. And I would use the position directed from the rear as well, but only to make it easier to conceive the result. The rear wheels push a vehicle and the front is rotating about the rear. 

I just tried it out and it works real well. 

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To avoid the hard rear slide of the object, and the slow down around sharp turns, animate the ANCHOR. Have it move rearward just before the turn, then have it recover to it's original position after the turn is completed. Then you will see a life like turn.

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