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custom field 1 and 2 not functioning

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I have ticked the 2 custom fields one with year model the second with color 

how to use the field as it is not showing any where IN REPORTS while trying to use them to input the data

please help with this issue if possible

many thanks

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On 6/10/2020 at 5:36 AM, MarkDe said:

Unfortunately the software does not show the custom fields in any reports. When you name a custom field, the only place it shows is in the "Item Details" window. 

It is showing the custom fields in my reports , it also shows the words "Custom Field" I cannot believe it would be programmes like this ! this must be an error 

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Also on the help page , it says that technical support is available and that thee is a button, but I cannot see a button. I just need some basic support, I have just upgraded and was hoping these ridiculous clumsy restrictions would have been ironed out, I wish I had never started with this software to be honest! So many limitations 

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I have sent several subjects none of them been replayed, the problem there is no customer service email so me as customer can communicate with the company.

Now I am not using this program as there is no security levels been implemented in the program and any user can delete the hole data without a restrictions or audit report.

As program I can give it 7 stars unfortunately security and level for restricting users from some actions is not there either to be a full control user or just a viewer which is not a proper in business security policies.


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