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Free version not free

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Hello everyone. I am new to videopad.    I have been using the so called free version and today had a message to say pay to continue.     I am so annoyed after many hours of work on a project,  this was not said at downloading the " free for home use only version."

Even more disgusted by the very unfriendly agent on the chat line when I asked to explain.

Don't think I will be purchasing with this attitude let alone all the bugs that are discussed on this forum. Shame, quite liked it, but will look elsewhere.

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The free version has some limitations.  It's a trial.  Depending upon which features or export formats used, it will prompt to upgrade.  However, the AVI export format normally does the job.

If not, download again from here.

Back up your project, then install the new download.  Certain export features may again be available.  Of course, licensing will overcome these limitations.

Courteous, prompt help is available in this forum.  Stop by anytime.

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Borate,  you are a star.    Last evening I was so peeved to be asked to purchase just before I had completed my video.   I really thought I had downloaded a free version   -   it couldn't have been displayed vey clear.    I am an 83 yr oldie so trying these things takes longer than for others.    Additionally even more disgusted by the agent on the VP chat-line   -   so rude and impolite when I asked to explain the versions.     However, I have done as you suggested and exported to an avi file and thankfully it runs .   I am indebted to you for preserving hours of work   ,  even if not quite finished.

If I download the other version, do I need to uninstall the current one?

I may reconsider VP now I know there is friendly help available,  thanks again,  DCS.

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No need to uninstall. Installs always overwrite the current version.

Back up your project routinely using SAVE PROJECT FILE AS, and give it a unique # and name, so as to not overwrite an older version that you might later need.

If SAVE PROJECT (no "as") is used, it will overwrite.

It's very common to see the term "free download."  But that often doesn't mean that the app is free.  It's usually a free trial period.  Videopad is actually more generous than some as it will continue to function with limitations for an indefinite period.

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