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Cannot backup - processing never ends

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Can you try taking local backup first and see if it works? it is to isolate problem that it is network issue or Express Invoice (I am confident it is Express Invoice issue, but double check is good. )

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I might have found the issue. It seems my Express Invoice folder has become huge possibly due to multiple backup methods peforming backups inside this folder. The storage count in Windows Explorer has reached 5GB and is still going on...  So I need to delete all folders which are not needed.

Is it possible to have a list of the required forlders please, so that I can manually delete all the others? Thanks!

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Thank you.

The issue here is that I have several backup folders under C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice and I have several backup folders inside each backup folder!

That is why the folder size exceeded 6GB and the backup process took fovever.

I'm now manually deleting all folders including "backup" in their names and also folders like ExpressInvoice1588248953 which are located under C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice.
I think all other folders should be fine but I'd like to double check, if possibile, the standard content of C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice.


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