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Changing the Global A4 tuning calibration


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Set the Tone Details (Frequencies / Duration/ Amplitude)

The details of a tone (each frequency and duration) are displayed and edited using the Tone Data list on the main window of NCH Tone Generator. To edit the value of an item, double click on it (or select it and press Enter).


This is the frequency of the tone in Hz. This can be between 1Hz and 22000Hz (if supported by your sound card).

For musicians, the reference "concert" is 440Hz.

You can move up or down octaves using the PageUp or PageDown keys, or configure the +/- keys to increment or decrement by a frequency of your choice in the Tone Interval section of the Options dialog.

The Note Selector allows you to quickly choose the exact musical note you want. Expand or collapse the Note Selector by clicking on its title. It will only expand when it makes sense for it to be used. For example, White Noise does not have a frequency, and so the Note Selector is disabled when White Noise is selected.

The Note Selector consists of a table of note buttons, ranging from C0 to B8, and a frequency slider. Clicking a note button will change the selected frequency to the frequency of that note. Some notes of interest are:

Concert A:
Middle 😄
Lowest note on most pianos:
Highest note on most pianos:
Notes of the strings on a standard-tuned guitar (lowest to highest):
E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4


At the bottom of the Note Selector is the Frequency Slider. Click and drag the red bar on the Frequency Slider to adjust the current frequency.


Unless you have selected the "Constant (Continuous)" tone, the duration of play can also be specified in ms (milliseconds).

Variable Amplitudes

When the Variable Amplitudes menu item has been enabled from the Tone menu, you may enter relative amplitudes for all the tones in your list. The amplitude can be entered for each separate tone in decibels in the range from 0 dB (full volume) to -127 dB.

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