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Cant login Web Console


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Just installed ver 2.22.

No firewall issues.

Windows 10. Chrome or Explorer.

The login page shows up. Enter the correct user and password but just stays on the login page.



23:17:12 Axon Virtual PBX Exit
23:18:03 Axon Virtual PBX started
23:18:03 Starting telephony engine...
23:18:03 Starting web server...
23:18:03 Starting web server (Non-secure)
23:18:03 Loading previously blacklisted IP addreses.
23:18:04 SIP Private IP is:
23:18:04 Control window connected to background service
23:18:04 SIP Private IP is:
23:18:04 SIP Public IP is:
23:18:04 Axon Virtual PBX Engine Started
23:18:14 Unable to use UPnP for NAT routing (UPnP failed)
23:18:14 Unable to auto-detect public IP. Using private IP
23:18:14 SIP Public IP is:
23:18:14 Attempting to register sip:501@
23:18:14 Attempting to register sip:500@
23:18:14 Registered as: sip:501@
23:18:14 Registered as: sip:500@

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