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  1. Just installed ver 2.22. No firewall issues. Windows 10. Chrome or Explorer. The login page shows up. Enter the correct user and password but just stays on the login page. log 23:17:12 Axon Virtual PBX Exit 23:18:03 Axon Virtual PBX started 23:18:03 Starting telephony engine... 23:18:03 Starting web server... 23:18:03 Starting web server (Non-secure) 23:18:03 Loading previously blacklisted IP addreses. 23:18:04 SIP Private IP is: 23:18:04 Control window connected to background service 23:18:04 SIP Private IP is:
  2. Hi Guys, looking to setup a virtual PBX system. What we need to achieve ( along with a longer list of enhancements ) are the following. 1. Convert an existing landline to an Ip phone. ( we can do this with an ATA box). 2. Divert this number to the PBX. How is this achieved ?. Do we buy a number and assign it to the PBX. ? 3. Assign other Ip phones / web phone as extensions. Once we have the basic PBX set up is it possible to configure as follows: Black list ( all calls are dropped ) Unknown numbers goto the auto attendant ( where we can the eithe
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