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internal/external clock

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I currently use a basic software package that was included with some hardware I purchased back in 2006. I've had it for years and has served me well for my needs.

Currently it has been giving me all kinds of problems.  I've upgraded it and too many bells and whistles.  .

I've given the MixPad trial software a go and so far navigating it has been easy.

Here's my question...  I have a Korg Triton LE Workstation (WS).  I can save my tracks on the WS, hit the Solo button, and then record them track by track In the other software.  In the WS I change the clock from external to internal,  which allows me to use the other software as the master controller.  I hit record and it starts WS to record.  Tempo in both WS & the other software are set the same (110). It Sync's all the tracks perfectly.

Now with MixPad I've imported the wav files I've saved from my CB files.  I've set the tempo the same in MIxPad along with trying a few different things.   I can't  get the files to line up correctly on the grid lines.  I have also tried recording the tracks directly from the WS and the same problem getting the tracks to line up with the grid lines .

If I can get some info on what I need to do to resolve this problem, I'll purchase the software.  The offer as of today is $79.99 until March 31.


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HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM syncing an external midi device with mixpad.  How can an external midi sequencer control the tempo (i.e. mixpad clock) of mixpad?  I have several free midi recording software that can sync with an external clock from the external midi device. An external clock signal will control the tempo of the mixpad as it is recording midi.   But, I want to use mixpad after having purchased it relying on the NCH advertisements as a recommended midi recording software.   What can anyone suggest to sync mixpad with the external midi? 

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