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How to Loop?


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It's a .gif that you want to create so you have to treat it as such, and that happens when you render/ create it. Just follow my instructions below and I am sure you will do just fine:

  1. On the "Home" tool bar, click on the "Save Video" button.
  2. Find the "Portable Video" listing and select it.
  3. The "Export File Settings" will open. Select the "File Format" pull down menu and select ".gif".
  4. A new Dialog will appear just to the right of your selection, the "GIF Encoding Settings".
  5. Now, there is only one selection, the one you are looking for. Check the "Looping" box and click "OK"
  6. Now you can change any other setting if you desire, then you are FREE to hit "Create".
  7. Gears will turn and whistles will blow as it creates you GIF. After which it will ask you "Go to file". I suggest you say yes, open the GIF in a photo displaying software (windows photo will do just fine) so you can watch it as a GIF. Don't open it in any photo editing software for the software will tell you it's a gif but only show the first frame. 

I hope this helps you out of the issue. My info may be a little late but I have just joined the Forum and saw your question at the top of the list. Happy GIFFing.


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