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To choose Letterbox or Crop-and-zoom or Stretch

Andy Lamm

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Greetings, please help. I have edited a 4-minute photo essay (with audio), which is to be projected with a 1920x1080 projector. I have sized all my horizontal image files ('slides') to 1620 x1080p, and my vertical files to 720 x1080p. When exported to a laptop via a flash drive, and then projected via the laptop (computer) and then via the 1920x1080 projector, the images are to appear in their conventional 3:2, resp. 2:3 ratio.

My question: In PhotoStage's 'Export' mode settings, should I select 'Letterbox' or 'Crop-and-zoom', or the Stretch' option?

I will really appreciate guidance in that.

Thank you,  Andy.

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