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  1. Please also advise me whether to select Letterbox, or Crop And Zoom, or Stretch option when exporting. My photo essay is to be projected from a 1920x1080 photo club computer > projector system, when individual files were file-sized by me to only 720x1080 pixels (= 2:3, vertical ratio) or only 1620x1080 pixels (= 3:2, horizontal ratio) for such projection from the larger 1920x1080 projection capability, without stretching or compressing the individual images unnaturally in one direction or another. Thank you very much for help in that! Andy.
  2. Greetings, please help. I have edited a 4-minute photo essay (with audio), which is to be projected with a 1920x1080 projector. I have sized all my horizontal image files ('slides') to 1620 x1080p, and my vertical files to 720 x1080p. When exported to a laptop via a flash drive, and then projected via the laptop (computer) and then via the 1920x1080 projector, the images are to appear in their conventional 3:2, resp. 2:3 ratio. My question: In PhotoStage's 'Export' mode settings, should I select 'Letterbox' or 'Crop-and-zoom', or the Stretch' option? I will really appreciate guidance
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