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Project won't open if font or picture is missing

Roy P

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Although I have "Font Families" installed in my library Win 10 does not allow me to use all of them.

When I call up an old project in NCH it will not open as the used font is missing so I have no opportunity to select a replacement.

The same is true of pictures that might have been moved or deleted.

Is there a way to access old projects to enable them to be edited?

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How old is the project you are referring to? You may try to install the version that was used to create the project and confirm if the issue persists. Click the following link to find the list of old versions http://www.oldversiondownload.com/ (this list includes all the programs NCH develops, so you need to do a search to find the correct version). You need to be aware that the project file does not save the pictures you have used to create the project, it just saves their path, so if the the files were deleted, moved to a different location or renamed, the program will not find them.

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The problem is not with the version. In fact the latest version still finds pictures that have been moved. It's just that it would be helpful if the software could default to a font, were the original not found on the system, so the project would open to allow a different font to be selected. The same is true of pictures. Why can't the program ignore missing pictures and open so a substitute can be inserted?

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