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This is 100th attempt to configure BroadCam Software with an ip camera.  I've used different camera manufacturers.
I've used different workstation with different Operating Systems: Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Also, different networks scenarios were utilized.  The same error message appears "Failure Starting Video Camera".
I received the same message using a usb webcam.   Quite frustrating...

IP Camera work fine with browser.  Each workstation were clean installs without A/V or any non-essential software.
Initially, I purchased the software and after 3 weeks requested a refund.  I'm currently re-visiting this issue to finalize a project.

If anyone has successfully implemented this software with an ip camera...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... REPLY....

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Thanks for responding.

I was finally able to configure my USB Camera to work with BroadCam.   The real issues are my ip cameras.
Are there any ip cameras compatible with BroadCam or are my trial and error endeavors in vain.
If there is a known configuration of Hardware and Software Settings....Please advise me....

When perfected this software would be phenomenal...  The currently available video stream software and/or services are costly.
The development team should revisit this software... It has financial potential...

Josh.... please give some hope to keep testing....




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