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Inventoria on Multiple PC's


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We have purchased 6 Inventoria corporate edition license, as we need to have the program on 6 different pc's, but all pc showing the same stock inventory.

We are having a problem synchronizing all the pc's with the same inventory.

What shall we do?

Thanks in advance

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Please be aware that Inventoria doesn't have the ability to synchronize with other Inventoria installations, only with Express Accounts, Express Invoice and Copper: https://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/kb/1289.html

You'd need to install Inventoria on one computer and register one license in it. The Web Access feature sets the computer where Inventoria is installed as a web server that must remain turned on, active and with Inventoria running in order to provide account-based remote access to the program's information for users on the local network and, with the right configuration, over the internet.

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