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Suggestion "realtime animating"


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I have a question. Is there realtime animating in the program?

If not, I have already put it in the suggestion box, but is there a way to get around it? And what do you guys think of that idea?

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You do know that Express Animate and real time animating are two different types of animation?  But Express Animate can fake it, and do it well, functions it doesn't actually have. Real time animating is using external sensors, markers, on an object to reproduce it's movements in an app.  Express Animate can simulate this by you first filming the object's moves. Then you can bring that video in to Express Animate where you can use it as a background image, like a stencil. Create the character, image, you want to follow the imported object in the video. And as you play through the video, animate the parts to mimic the video's object's moves. In other words, shadow the video with your character. Don't forget to turn on the animation for all the objects in your created character. You will find it is quite easy, in shadowing the video, if you adjust the opacity of your created character so you can see through to the video below. After duplicating the moves you can just remove the background video, turn the opacity back up, and continue with your project.

Happy animating.

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