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Any updates on UNDO Function Please??


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Mac User here. Can't believe Express Scribe doesn't have an undo function! I just lost hours and hours of transcription because I'm used to hitting Ctrl +c to copy and paste! Then, all I get is a measly 'c' in place of everything I did! I can't redo this, and it's a huge disaster. I don't have time to redo this. Anyone has any tips to fix this? Or any updates to fix this bug? Thanks! 

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That sucks.

My approach is to type into Word, rather than into the application. That way I have all of Word's undo and other functions.

But an undo function (which just about every other application on the planet has) is definitely needed.

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Thank you for your reply Steve! The reason I started typing into the application is because transcription goes much faster as you can use the hot keys. I found that when I typed into Word outside of the app, while listening to the audio on the app, I wasted a lot of precious time going back and forth between apps because I had to use the mouse constantly to stop and play etc, and the hot keys (shortcuts) didn't work. However, now, that I recovered my work (Command Z saved me! Thanks Internet!), I will be saving my work as I go along. 

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