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  1. Hi, On most forums, there's a button like "Attach file", but there seems to be nothing of that sort here, which is weird. Any admin monitoring this thread ... is there a way of doing that? Meanwhile, I suggest you ask your client to send the audio file using WeTransfer. Regards, Steve
  2. Two thoughts. 1. Could you screen-shot the page? I might spot something that could be useful. 2. If the sender can't send the file by email because of the size, they could use WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com/) which allows you to send any size of file.
  3. As we've kept everything bilingual, and the question is of relevance to non-German-speakers, could you perhaps copy it to the German forum rather than moving it?
  4. Hallo Markus, die Einstellungen scheinen im Registry gespeichert zu sein / The settings appear to be stored in the registry. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software Sie können mit Regedit eine Sicherheitskope erstellen / You can create a backup using Regedit: Rechter Mausclick auf / Right click NCH Software Export Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen Steve
  5. Hi, The http:// URL is almost certainly a link to a page that will play the recording to you. It's not a link to the file as such. I've taken a quick look at the Free Conference Call site, and it would appear that the recording starts playing on a page with a bunch of buttons up above it. Is that right? Among those buttons there should be one to download the recording. Or there might be a "Share" button, and when you click that, one of the options may be "Download". Either way, the solutions is to download the file to a convenient folder on your computer and then just open it in Express Scribe Pro. If that's not clear, post a screen shot of what you see when you follow the link, and I'll see if I can make a more precise suggestion. Regards, Steve
  6. In Windows, you can set the hotkeys to work in all applications. Is that not possible on the Mac? But if you're going to do much transcription, I'd really recommend getting a pedal!
  7. That sucks. My approach is to type into Word, rather than into the application. That way I have all of Word's undo and other functions. But an undo function (which just about every other application on the planet has) is definitely needed.
  8. Hi Gray, Just make sure there's a new paragraph for each utterance. When Transcription is finished, copy/paste to Word. Then select all the text and choose Insert> Table. This will create a single-column table with each utterance in a separate cell. You can then add as many columns as you like. Regards, Steve
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