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Unable to reduce Recording volume

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I've made all the settings according to the instructions provided on your site - in the TRx software settings, and the Control Panel's modem and sound settings - and verified all of them multiple times. No matter what I do the recorded voices are so loud they are distorted - the recording color bar is solid red any time there is a voice. Reducing the listening volume to the extent possible helps only slightly.

I have even lowered the microphone volume in the Control Panel's settings, but that did not help at all. It appears to be recording at a maximum sound level with no way to reduce it. I've made many recordings in the past, mostly of music using other equipment, and there has always been a recording level adjustment available. Surely there is a way to reduce the recording level for the TRx software.

I have not found a way to lower the recording volume / level. Please help.

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To set the TRx recording volume, go to Settings > Record tab > under "Recording using a SoundCard with Phone Adapter" change the "Record Channel to "Master Volume", then use the "Record Volume" slider to set the recording volume.

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