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Import .aud files into new project

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I'm new to mix pad, i've seen in previous topics that the audio files saved to the project folder (.uad and .grf ) are only usable by mixpad.

Last night i've recorded my band to experiment the program, all ok with that, i've saved various projects.

The problem it's that, i've copied the files to usb pen to work the project at home. By mistake iv'e copied the folder with the correct .aud files but the wrong main project file. and of course i' can't open the files i've copied with that project file.

I thought that i could import the .aud files to a new project and work it from scrach, but it seems the Mixpad can't import the .aud files to a new project.

Can you tell me the way to import the .aud files to a new project or is there a workaround to create a new project with the files from an old project without having the main project file?

It seems a little bit odd that Mixpad can't open it's own proprietary files (.aud)... Just saying...

Thanks in advance for the help.

Best Regards

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MixPad needs both the original project file and the .uad and .grf files, there's no way to import those .uad and .grf files to a new project because it is designed to save the media being used on the .uad and .grf files but the actual mix is saved in the project file, they always need to be together.

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Thanks Geeker.

I figured a workaround for this issue.

Here's the tip:

Open Audacity, File > Import > Raw Data... > Select the correct encoding type and the rest of the options > Import

Now you have the file opened in Audacity you can export to any type of file that you want, in my case i've exported  to .wav.

Now you can import the audio file into a new project in mixpad.

I takes a little bit of work, but in case of missing the main project files it can save your day :)

Best Regards.

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