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Terrible audio quality on an iMac


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I recently upgraded my computer to an iMac which runs OS Sierra.  It is a late 2015 model I believe.  I uploaded Express Scribe Pro and have been using it but since having it on this computer the sound quality is absolutely appalling.  I'm having to listen to transcripts 4 or 5 times before sending them off, which has resulted in a decline in the amount of work I can take on and also, the work I do take on takes me through the night to finish.  Which is, obviously less than ideal.

The audio emits a whine throughout on Express Scribe, which gives me a headache, yet when I upload the same pieces of audio to other programs, such as Wavepad, the audio is crystal clear!

I have tried using the special audio effects options and, if anything, they just seem to make it worse.

It is driving me absolutely mad and I'm so cross that I wasted money and so much time and energy on a program that I, currently, cannot utilise!

Can anyone help?!!!


NB. I use an Infinity foot pedal and Sennheiser headphones with Express Scribe, just in case that info makes a difference!

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Have you tried adjusting the sound settings in Preferences? It's been a long time since I did it, but I vaguely recall having a similar problem. I tried a variety of adjustments until I got good quality sound again. Click on Express Scribe, then Preferences. You can adjust the volume level, volume auto-adjust, and clarity low frequency cutoff method. Currently I have these set at -8dB (level), and "none" for the other two. Good luck!

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Thanks Patita.  I have tried that just now and it does help but the weird whine throughout is still there in the background, even though on other audio players there is no whine at all. It's so difficult to work out why it's so bad!

Thank you so much for your suggestion though. :)

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