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Unable to Detect Audio Stream

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I'm attempting to purchase this product, but I'm unwilling to do so until I've seen that it actually works. 

Of course, Support is only available to people who have bought it. Which is... a questionable choice.


So here I am in the forums. Like others, i can hear myself in preview mode, but there is no alteration to my voice. The error listed is 'unable to detect audio stream' Again, I want to buy this, but not until I know it works. If i can't find help here I'll end up purchasing from their competitor. 


Thanks for any help.

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If you receive a message saying that Voxal is unable to detect an audio stream while you are using Voxal's preview mode, then you may not have the correct audio device selected to work with Voxal. Go to Voxal's Options and make sure you select the the correct preview devices in the drop down lists. In some rare circumstances, the microphone you are using may not be compatible with Voxal. If you continue to have problems try using a different microphone to see if that fixes the issue.

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I followed the direction in the support section of the website prior to posting in the forums. It was and is configured properly to the best of my knowledge, and again it picks up my voice just fine, it just doesnt process it in any way.

It's possible that this might be a mic issue i suppose. I use a blue yeti. Are there known incompatibilities with the blue yeti? 

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