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HELP tips / share your project

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Please include VideoPad version in your post.

How to include a link to screenshots (or any file) in your forum post.  For sharing a project see below.

Screenshots can often help describe the problem better. Upload the image to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.
Copy (share) the URL and paste it into your post here.  If using Google Drive, click on GET SHAREABLE LINK, then change RESTRICTED to ANYONE CAN VIEW.  The screenshot itself won't be posted, but clicking the link will display it.

How to share your project for analysis:

The best way to help developers diagnose the problem is sharing your project files - not the exported file.  Follow these steps...

1. Save your project.  Then leave it on the timeline, complete with transitions, effects, etc.

    Optional:  Under the various bin tabs, delete files that do not have green check marks.  If a prompt states "file in use" don't remove it.

2. Click the 'hamburger' menu (three horizontal lines at the top-left of the VP window).  Click on FILE menu. 

    From the new menu that drops down, click on BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER.  Choose a folder and click SELECT FOLDER.

    A (sub) folder with all the project files will appear where you specified.  Its name will be similar to this:  2019-04-23 15-58-07

    Right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES and note its size.  If there is insufficient free space on the server to accommodate that size, the upload will fail.

3.  If size is okay, upload the folder or all the files it contains to MS OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox or the like.  Sign up or sign in.  They're free.

4.  Get a shareable public link that can be viewed by anyone, and copy that link.

5.  Paste the link into your post here or privately...

To protect your privacy you can use the Personal Messenger (PM) to send the link to an Admin or Support forum ID.  Click the mail icon, top-right.  After analysis, your project will be deleted.

Direct X diagnostic (Windows only):

DirectX diagnostic report includes detailed information on your computer hardware. To get a DirectX report, press (right click on Win 10) Start button->Run. And then type in "dxdiag".  <enter>  Select "Save All Information" and save the report as a text file that can be attached to a message.


It's an open source small tool which reports information for video and audio files. It will come in handy if you want to analyze a video/audio file that has playback issues. MediaInfo can be downloaded here.
Searchable HELP
If reading Videopad's HELP file (click ? at the top-right of the window), press <ctrl-F> to enable a FIND box (bottom-left).  If the following file is downloaded, the PDF reader has a search function.  Click the three-lined hamburger menu at the top-right and Find In This Page.  http://tinyurl.com/y82bqdyq
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